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About Marine Switches

Nothing beats cruising over the waves in a boat, pontoon, or personal watercraft, but nobody likes to be dead in the water. If you find yourself in need of a new electrical component for your boat, cruise over to eBay and pick up a new marine switch from one of their reputable sellers. Whether you need a marine toggle switch or a specialized rocker switch, there are a number of marine-rated parts available. Engineered specifically for harsh, water-heavy environment like boats, marine switches are designed to take a beating, both from use and from the elements. For complete, electrical jobs, a marine switch panel, which acts as a splash-proof control panel for all of a boat's electrical components, might be needed. Whatever your waterproof, electrical need, you will find the right part on eBay, available in a variety of new, used or refurbished conditions. Once you finish those repairs, you will be back to riding the waves in no time.

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