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About Marine Exhaust Manifold

Your boat engine is not running right, and you are smelling an awful lot of gas fumes. You are pretty sure that your marine exhaust manifold needs replacing, which sounds like an impossible task to you at first. The exhaust manifold in any engine helps to route the exhaust gases away from the engine, through the exhaust pipe, and out of the vehicle altogether. Sometimes you may just need to replace the gasket in your Ford marine exhaust manifold. Since boat engines are exposed to water quite a bit, however, you could have corrosion on or in the manifold, making it fail in more places than just the gasket. Changing out a Chevy 350 marine exhaust manifold is not difficult, but you may need to remove parts of the engine to get to it. No matter what type of marine exhaust manifold you need to replace, the vast inventory on eBay means that you can find one quickly. Before you know it, your boat's engine is going to be back in good shape and you can get back to boating on the lake.

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