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About Marilyn Monroe Shirts

Even more than 50 years after her passing, Marilyn Monroe remains a cultural icon and one of the most beloved Hollywood actresses of all time. Show your affection for the one-time Norma Jean Baker by wearing a Marilyn Monroe shirt. These shirts feature photos of the actress' face, scenes from some of her best-known movies, or updated pictures of her posing with pop culture items. One style of shirt like this is the Marilyn Monroe bandana shirt, which features Monroe wearing a bandana as if she was a member of a gang. For those people who prefer more traditional styling, a vintage Marilyn Monroe T-shirt may be ideal. Marilyn Monroe shirts feature cotton or cotton blend, and come in a number of different colors and sizes, including children's sizes. When washing new shirts, be sure to turn the shirt inside out so that the Monroe photo is on the inside. Wash on a gentle cycle, and then tumble dry on low or hang dry to preserve the life of your new shirt. Marilyn Monroe shirts are available from among the varied inventory on eBay. If you stop and watch TV every time you see "Some Like It Hot," Niagara, or "The Seven Year Itch," a Marilyn Monroe shirt is just your style.