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About Marcasite Necklace

Its glittering beauty and vintage feel has made marcasite jewelry a favorite for generations. Marcasite necklaces, earrings, rings, and more have been popular since the 1700s, so there are many vintage marcasite necklaces available. Most were made in the Art Deco style, which suits the hard metallic look of marcasite. It is almost identical to iron pyrite or fool's gold. Marcasite is sometimes called white iron pyrite since it has a bright silver shine instead of a gold shine. It tarnishes to a yellowish or brownish color, and the brittle material cannot be scratched with a knife. Small polished and faceted marcasite stones are inlaid into silver jewelry or placed around other gemstones to add extra sparkle. New and vintage marcasite necklace sets that come with matching earrings are very popular. You can use the reliable sellers and the convenient shipping options they offer on eBay to find the best marcasite necklace for you.