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About Marcasite Jewelry

While standing at the jewelry counter, you see two rings set in silver, and both have an onyx as the main stone. One of rings is plain, and the other ring has an extra something special ? the onyx is circled by small marcasite stones. The ring with the marcasite has a little more sparkle and a lot more visual interest than the plain ring. Who doesn?t want a sparkly ring on their finger? People may not notice the stone when it is in a sterling silver setting because the stone itself looks silver. However, when a light shines on the ring, your eye is drawn to the glimmering stones. You can find vintage marcasite jewelry on eBay from reliable sellers. Jewelry that features only marcasite and silver is interesting because at first glance, there is nothing special about the item. However, when the light shines on it, even if for a moment, the stones give off the appearance of grey glitter. For an understated touch of glamour, a piece of jewelry with marcasite is an excellent choice for any occasion. .