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About Maquettes

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to art. Even experienced artists need a rough draft when it comes to sculpting, painting, and animating, and that is where a maquette comes into play. Before an artist begins creating the finished product, he or she produces a maquette, which is a mock-up of sorts that allows the artist to see what the finished piece will look like. Some of the most famous characters began life in this way, and art collectors can find maquettes from companies like Disney on eBay from reliable sellers. These cool little figures are 3-D representations of some of the characters we love, including Batman and Iron Man. Some of them are limited edition items and are more difficult to find, such as one of a kind Beauty and the Beast maquettes made by the original artist for the actual film. Collecting these eye-catching works of art is both fun and satisfying, as they allow you to see how many of your favorite cartoon characters started life with these realistic statues that look as if they stepped right out of the silver screen.

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