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About Mantel Clocks

The fireplace is a natural gathering place for the family, but a bare mantelpiece makes the space feel less warm and welcoming. Mantel clocks are excellent items to mantel centerpieces, allowing you to place matching decorative items or family portraits along either side. Most are designed for this purpose, and are tall in the center with sides that taper down to the surface of the mantel. These clocks are classic home decor items. Choose from the vast inventory on eBay to find the clock to best complement your home. Vintage mantel clocks are often housed in intricately carved wood, porcelain, or polished metal. This does not mean that you cannot have a mantel clock in a modern living room — there are contemporary mantel clocks that have sleek, minimized design elements. Of course, these clocks also serve a function as well — if you like the sound of a clock ringing out the time every hour, you can choose a chiming mantel clock to fill your home with this timeless sound and to keep you on schedule.