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About Mandolins

Ever seen an Italian musician playing a mandolin and wish you had one of these unique string instruments to try out yourself? This lute-family instrument has four courses of doubled strings. You'll quickly see as you search your options that there are various styles of mandolins available. The most popular of these include the Neapolitan with its bowl-like back, the carved top mandolin, and the flat top mandolin. American folk music artists tend to use carved top pieces, whereas European classical musicians focus on the Neapolitan versions, which were also some of the earliest made. British folk music favors use of the flat top version. A modern electric mandolin may be an option for those who want a unique combination of electric guitar and this music. You can also purchase a vintage mandolin with all of the style and class of any handmade musical instrument. You can browse these options and more through the reliable sellers on eBay. Get yourself motivated to learn to play, and pick up one of these beautiful instruments today. And with the convenience of eBay, you don't have to go to Italy to do it.