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About Mallets

Music is an excellent way to soothe the wild beast, even if it requires beating an instrument like the xylophone with a mallet. The key to creating the beautiful music with a percussion instrument is choosing the right mallet, because it dictates the sound of the music. For instance, suppose you normally play with a birch mallet, you know that it is stiffer than rattan and you can get a clearer sound when you play the drums that require a precise strike. The mallet head also dictates the sound you?ll make. The harder the head the sharper the sound and a softer mallet will focus on the tone and actually sound louder than a hard mallet. Percussionists have it down to an art form when it comes to playing with their mallets. They can take an old mallet from eBay and turn it into an essential piece that can create beautiful music. Sometimes it isn?t about the value of the instrument, but the knowledge of how to use it that makes the difference.