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About Maleficent

As far as evil fairies go, Maleficent takes the proverbial cake. The villain of Disney's 1959 full length feature film, "Sleeping Beauty," even garnered herself a title role in a 2014 live action retelling starring brunette bombshell Angelina Jolie. Maleficent is the embodiment of jealous villainy, the self-proclaimed Mistress of All Evil, and personally responsible for all of the harm and misfortune that befalls the kingdom of Prince Stefan. Originally slated to appear with greenish skin, a round face, and small antennae, the image of Maleficent was ultimately inspired by impossibly slender and gaunt cult actress Maila Nurmi. Today, there is nothing more spooky and sensual than a Maleficent costume, though a less scandalous apparel choice might be a Maleficent shirt, which you can find new or pre-owned on eBay. Little girls love the thrill of dressing up as the notorious Disney Queen of Mean, and grown-up ladies appreciate the dramatic, slimming black of the Maleficent gown. Invoke the majesty of the most wicked of fairy godmothers, whether you are a Disney fan, a player of Kingdom of Hearts, or just a fan of the original Charles Perrault children's tale.