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About Makita 18V Battery

Holding the power drill firmly, you carve swiftly through the wooden post. It has taken a long time to finish this project, and you are thankful your Makita 18V battery holds enough juice to see long projects through to the end. When you need to get some work done, you need a battery that lasts, and a Makita 18V lithium ion battery offers many advantages over a nickel-cadmium battery. Compared to nickel-cadmium versions, Makita 18V drill batteries boast faster charging times, longer usable lifespans, and lower weights to make it easier to hold power tools for extended periods. Many of the 18V batteries available among the large inventory on eBay work with a multitude of tools, hold charges very well over time, and eliminate the need for multiple battery packs. You can rest easy when a Makita 18V battery sits in your workshop, charged and ready for all your DIY projects.