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About Makeup Light

No one wants to look like they put their makeup on in the dark. Use a makeup light to apply the perfect amount of foundation, powder, and blush every time. A lighted makeup mirror can stand on a counter or mount on a wall. Instead of applying your eye shadow in the harsh fluorescent light of your bathroom's bulb, use the soft glow of makeup light to get a more realistic view of what your makeup looks like once you head outside. If you want to channel a vintage movie star like Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor, purchase a new or pre-owned lighted makeup table from the large selection on eBay. Consisting of a desk featuring a large mounted mirror with built-in lights, the makeup table provides a cushioned bench seat and multiple storage compartments for makeup, brushes, perfumes, and more. Available in multiple models, colors, and designs, the tables will match any bedroom decor. Sit down in the morning and then head out the door ready for your close up.