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About Makeup Kits

Did your childhood dream include a lit vanity that you would sit at as you selected the perfect shade of lipstick from your makeup kit? Even if your dreams of a vanity are not yet realized, it?s never too late to start building your collection of eye shadows and lip-glosses. Even kids can get their own kit, whether it is to complete a Halloween costume or for dress up parties. Find collections that go together from well-known companies like Mac, Sephora, and Victoria?s Secret, where all of the colors on a palette are designed to function together for a cohesive look. Build your own kit with a set of brushes and your favorite colors, gradually adding to it as you discover new, bold hues or delicate pinks and pastels. If your collection grows large enough, it might even start to rival a professional makeup artist?s. Experiment with new colors and brands by buying them from reliable sellers on eBay. Have you built your makeup kit yet?