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About Makeup Brush Set

Investing in high-quality cosmetics is useless if you do not have the right makeup brushes to apply the products. A quality makeup brush set has brushes that cater to contouring, highlighting, foundation application, lip-lining, and smudging and blending eye shadows. Quality brushes are typically made from both natural and synthetic fibers. Natural fibers are better at picking up and releasing the products, whereas synthetic fibers are better at blending the products into your skin, so that they can be better absorbed. Generally speaking, brushes made from natural fibers are most suitable for powder-based cosmetics and brushes made from synthetic fibers are most suitable for cream-based cosmetics. Find a large inventory of makeup brush sets on eBay. If you are always on the road, a mini makeup brush set may be more suitable, as they possess smaller handles for portability. When determining the quality of a professional makeup brush set, test the brushes for durability by gently tugging on the fibers to see if they fall out easily. Regardless of which brushes you choose, clean them with warm water and mild soap at least once a week to prevent excess product and bacteria from accumulating within the fibers.