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About Majolica

You can bring some elaborate Renaissance style right into your "castle" with Majolica pottery pieces. The uniquely elaborate Italian tin-glazed pottery style called Majolica originated in the late Middle Ages, possibly on the Spanish island of Majorca, which sat on the trade route between Spain and Italy in the Mediterranean. The process became more refined in Italy during the Renaissance period, notably in the 1500s. Today, people still use the Majolica style to create ornate and brightly colored pottery and dishware pieces, notably large, distinctly designed vases and serving plates. Majolica dinnerware incorporates elements from nature, such as leaves, flowers, birds, and seashells, so your table can reflect your love of the outdoors. Bouquets of fresh flowers in bright Majolica pitchers and vases adorned with similar blooms bring just the right touch to your country kitchen or dining room decor. You can also find decorative figurines, such as roosters and donkeys pulling carts, which can add a quaint and colorful touch to your china cabinet display. Put together an entire Majolica dinnerware set of plates and bowls, along with matching platters and pitchers, when you choose from the vast selection on eBay.