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About Maico

To prove you are an original, you shun the influences of trendy new motorcycles with all the latest bells and whistles and opt for the tried and true Maico brand. The company's motorcycles enjoyed their heyday in earlier decades, but avid motorcycle enthusiasts still adore the legendary design and performance that originally put the company on the map. A fully restored Maico 490 with 53 horsepower offers incredibly smooth handling and is the way to go if you would rather spend time on the trails or on the track instead of in the garage. On the other hand, if you love the idea of sinking your teeth into a project, consider a vintage 1978 Maico 250 in need of restoration and some TLC. Maico redesigned its bikes in that year with technology advances in mind, and a restored 250 is perfectly capable of realizing its former glory on the open road. To realize your own Maico dream, browse the vast inventory on eBay to find fully restored models as well as those in need of a little work.

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