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About MagSafe 2

Youre in the market to replace your trusty old Mac computer, and one of your friends from work told you all about an innovative charger called the Magsafe 2, which he bought from one of the reliable sellers on eBay. You don?t know much at all about power adapters, but he carefully explained why it is so special. It features a magnetic DC connector that lets the cord disconnect harmlessly if someone should trip over it. Not only does this prevent fraying of the power cords, it also prevents stress on the connectors within the computer. He goes on to tell you that the Magsafe 2 60W and the Magsafe 2 85-watt adapters both do the same job effectively. Later that evening, you look on eBay and find a great deal on the 85-watt adapter. You choose that one, because it offers an LED indicator light and allows your battery to charge while your computer is off or in sleep mode.