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About Magnus Organs

Your daughter is reaching that age when you want to encourage her to explore her creative side in different arts. She loves to paint and she is taking a dance class, so you decide that it is time to buy a Magnus organ. This will allow her to tap into her musical side and decide if it is something she wants to pursue further before you spend a fortune on a piano. Magnus Harmonica Corporation was founded in 1944 and became quite popular with those buying reed organs and harmonicas for children. You know these are high-quality instruments, because you had a Magnus chord organ when you were young too. Even if she only plays it for a short time, it will be fun to have around when future grandchildren come to visit. You can buy a Magnus organ from one of the many reliable sellers on eBay, who ship right to your door. You could also consider a Magnus electric organ. These instruments were some of the last ones made before production ceased in the 1970s.