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About 10x Magnifying Glass

If you love to read but hate squinting at the small text, then a 10x magnifying glass can make your life easier and restore your joy in reading. These magnifiers can make jewelry repairs easier or provide a curious child with a new way to see the world. Choose from two main styles, either a handheld version or a 10x loupe magnifying glass worn on the head. Most 10x handheld magnifying glasses are compact in size and convenient to carry when you are on the go. For examining jewelry, documents, or stamps, the LED-lit models can be particularly helpful and are typically powered by two AA batteries. The larger head-mounted loupes offer an LED option and additional features not found on the simple handheld versions. Keep your loupes safe in a storage case provided with most of the models. When you get tired of squinting, look to vast inventory of magnifying glasses available on eBay.