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About Magnetic Hematite

wore, you were thinking of the many fashionable jewelry items you could make with those polished black beads. Although hematite was named for its iron content, it is actually harder and more brittle than iron. Depending on the amount of iron in it, this iron oxide mineral may have colors varying from steely black to brownish red. As a gemstone, magnetic hematite beads appear as black to silvery opaque stones with a look between metal and glass. While natural hematite has very little magnetic property, magnetized hematite is a synthetic derivative that is preferred by jewelers and healers. With these beads, you can even make your own magnetic hematite jewelry. Whether you want beads or finished jewelry, the wide selection of magnetic hematite gemstones offered by reliable sellers on eBay is the best place to look for this elegant rock. You friend may think you wear them to sleep better and be healthier, but you know it is because they make you look elegant and add a dash of the exotic to your wardrobe.