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About Magnetic Generators

Breathe life into your diabolical experiments, or perhaps just your home with a convenient magnetic generator. A central magnetic motor generator is an essential part of any wind turbine system and can provide the basis for other turbine projects as well. You can find your ideal magnetic generator from a vast inventory on eBay, whether you are looking for a standalone permanent magnetic generator or a magneto assembly. Make your small hydro turbine system extra efficient with a 12-volt magnetic alternator, or choose a magnetic motor generator to complete your solar turbine design. If you need a little inspiration, you can peruse a variety of generator plans and use them to construct your own custom unit. Choose from an array of different DC generator brands including Freedom PNG, Missouri, Victory, WindZilla, and more. Green energy production can be an empowering DIY project, particularly when you have access to the right magnetic generator components. Free yourself—fully or partially—from the power grid and sail through power outages when you explore this impressive range of turbine parts and construct your own generator unit.