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About Magnavox Odyssey

The world's first home video game console, the Magnavox Odyssey came from a prototype called the Brown Box created in 1968, which is now part of the National Museum of American History. Invented before the Atari Pong, you can find a vast inventory of vintage Magnavox Odyssey consoles on eBay. The Magnavox Odyssey was a truly digital video console, which only used analog circuitry because TVs at that time were analog. The console also features the world's first peripheral, the Shooting Gallery, a light gun that detected light from a TV screen; however, interestingly it also works when pointed at a light bulb. You can experience this vintage device from the 1970s and bring it to life in your home. Use it easily with six C batteries, but you can also find the A/C power supply with some machines. Choose from Magnavox Odyssey 2 with different games included, or the yellow Odyssey 300 with its sleek design and ergonomic game controls. Consider this console as a cherished antique and a reminder of a revolutionary gaming device or turn it on and explore its unique gaming platform.