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About Maglite LED Upgrade

Maglite flashlights last for years and years, which is great until you decide you want to get with the times a little more. A Maglite LED upgrade kit allows you to replace the original bulbs with LED bulbs. LED bulbs burn brighter and longer than traditional bulbs do, but they burn less power while they are on, so you can replace your batteries less often. The LED upgrade is easy to install, too, since you simply twist the Maglite flashlight apart, then remove the old bulb assembly and replace it with the new LED assembly. You can find LED upgrade parts for all sorts of Maglite sizes, from the 3 cell on up to the D cell sizes. Once the new LED bulb is in place, simply reassemble the flashlight and power it on to experience the new, bright light. Since you do not have to replace these bulbs as often, you should be able to keep your flashlight going for quite a long time. With the vast inventory on eBay, you can find just the Maglite LED upgrade you need for your flashlights.

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