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About Magicians

Oh no, your opponent just played his Blackwings card, what do you do now? If you are playing Yugioh, you reach for a magician card. The Yugioh Dark Magician can cast spells strong enough to defeat even the Six Samurai, if played in the right combination. Fans of the popular card game know that having a magician or two in their roster can benefit them in a match. With richly developed characters, the game takes on a life of its own and the magician has a history in the Yugioh universe. Find a Dark Magician girl card in the large selection of new and used cards on eBay and add her spellcaster powers to your collection and up the power of each attack you launch. In a heated battle, every point counts, and you know you want to come out on top. Several variations of the Dark Magician cards exist-collect them all and you may be almost unstoppable.