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About Magic School Bus

Whisk your child away into an exciting and educational adventure with Ms. Frizzle and her adventurous class. The "Magic School Bus" has delighted audiences young and old since the 1980s, and each story is as interesting after ten read-throughs as it is the first time around. The "Magic School Bus" series was conceived as a way to make learning about science fun and it does its job very well. In each gripping tale, "The Friz" takes her class on an exciting field trip in a magical bus to such exotic locations as the ocean floor and the center of a hurricane. Each adventure is as entertaining and informative as the last, bringing an enjoyable approach to science education. The "Magic School Bus" proved so popular that it was turned into a television show in the 1990s, featuring popular characters and adventures from the book series. The original books, "Magic School Bus" readers, and DVD and VHS copies of the show are all available on eBay. You can purchase individual titles, or look for a "Magic School Bus" set containing several different books.

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