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About Magic Johnson

In 2002, Magic Johnson was inducted in the Hall of Fame. Magic first joined the LA Lakers in 1979, and he retired in 1991 when he found out he had contracted HIV. He rejoined in 1992 to play in the All-Stars game, and won the All-Star MVP award. He retired again for four years, and then in 1996, he rejoined the Lakers to play 32 games. After that, he retired permanently. Magic Johnson is a beloved and respected basketball player. His jersey number, 32, was retired in 1992. Magic Johnson fans can collect a plethora of memorabilia, ranging from basketball cards and posters to jerseys, shirts, and basketballs, all featuring Johnson?s autograph. You can find cards on eBay from when he played for Michigan State and he wore a green and white jersey with the number 33. Before Magic Johnson was ever known as an influential speaker and advocate for HIV, he was an incredible basketball player who left a mark on the game.

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