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About Magic Bullets

It may look like a normal kitchen appliance, but the Magic Bullet has multiple personalities. It can chop vegetables, blend smoothies, grind coffee, puree baby food and mix cocktails right out of the box. Designed to occupy minimal kitchen counter space, this combination blender, food processor, coffee grinder and juicer packs a powerful punch in its streamlined design. You won't find confusing buttons or knobs on the Bullet. In fact, there isn't even a power button. The motor is activated by pressing down on the food cup. Pulse the cup to mince, chop, and mix ingredients, or hold the cup down to blend, puree and liquefy the contents. Since it's easy to operate, the Bullet's instruction manual is largely comprised of recipes for breakfast foods, dinners, drinks and more. The Magic Bullet comes with a power base, several food cups in different sizes, and two blades that screw onto the cups. Some of the cups have handles and screw-on lips, transforming them into mugs for smoothies and juice, so beverages can go directly on the table after blending. The cups are microwave-friendly and dishwasher safe, saving you cleanup time. If you want to go beyond the Bullet basics, other attachments, such as an oversized pitcher-size cup, juice extractor, and solid and perforated screw-on cup lids open up the doors to even more recipes. The Baby Bullet caters to new moms, and the Magic Bullet To Go and Bullet Express are for when you're away from home or in a time crunch. The Magic Bullet is a handy, compact multi-appliance for light kitchen use, targeted to those who want to cut down on clutter and maximize convenience.