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About Mad Magazines

Do you remember when you opened your first copy of Mad magazine and being stunned, awed, and amazed by the fact that "The Usual Gang of Idiots" were allowed to publish such satirical and subversive material for children? No doubt, the grinning freckled face of Alfred E. Neuman plastered over the latest public figure to be lampooned by the magazine implored you to buy your copy. If not, perhaps you wanted a bit more bang for your buck with the comedic Cold War satire, Spy vs. Spy comic strip. Whatever your reasons, you can still find plenty of vintage and new copies of Mad magazine books, comics, and toys on eBay. Mad magazine 1 is a highly sought after collectible, and you might be lucky enough to find one in a Mad magazine lot. With this iconic magazine, you can enjoy hours of crazy antics, slapstick humor, and characters contained in its pages. You’d have to be "mad" to miss out.