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About Mad Hatter Costumes

If you often find yourself pondering the similarities and differences between ravens and writing desks, you might want to look into adding some Mad Hatter costumes to your wardrobe. The iconic character from the world of Alice in Wonderland certainly keeps Alice, and readers of the story, on her toes throughout the tale. Whether you want to recreate the feel of the novel with more formal attire or with some of the more colorful incarnations, the wide variety of choices available from the sellers on eBay gives you many options to choose from. The character is fun for both adults and kids to portray, simply because of the Mad Hatter's whimsical attire. Many people are not aware that the more colorful costumes typically include an orange wig because mercury poisoning, rampant in the ranks of those who worked as hatters, often turned their hair orange. Thankfully, you do not have to worry about mercury when you are wearing any Mad Hatter costumes, whether it is for a party or just a special dress-up event.