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About Macross

Macross is a series of science fiction mecha anime, which was created by Studio Nue during the early 1980s. The plot line consists of a history of Earth and humanity after the year 1999. Macross is made up of three television series, four movies, six OVAs, one book, and five manga series. While it consists of books, movies, and television shows; Macross also has action figures. They have a wide assortment of battle ships, robots, and other figures; which you can put together yourself or they come already made, so you can relive your childhood memories with or without your children and grandchildren. At eBay you can get anything and everything that has to be with Macross. They have a great selection of vintage items that will bring back your childhood memories. You can find yamato Macross, Macross frontier, Macross DVD, Macross VF-1S, and much more in new and used conditions from reliable sellers.