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About Mackenzie Childs

Make your home truly your own with Mackenzie-Childs ceramics and home furnishings. From planters to plates, tureens to teapots, lamps to knobs, and much more, each of these time-honored crafts is a one-of-a-kind collectible alive with individuality and handmade beauty. The furnishings and other treasures produced by this decades-old company show inspiration by the beauty of rolling meadows and deep lakes, hillsides covered with flowers, and crisp, clear air. Take a breath, relax, and look through the great pieces available on eBay to find one that can help transform your home into a countryside oasis. The deft hands of Mackenzie-Childs designers bring their ceramics and other pieces to life with a touch of the unexpected. You can find the marks or stamps of the artisans who contributed to your chair or platter or mug right on its back. With wood, clay, paint, and fabric, these artisans create lots of gorgeous pieces for you to add to your home decor. Their talent and skill come through in each unique, hand-painted — or glazed, or stained — piece. Whether you want a lamp for your nightstand or a set of plates to delight your guests, these fabulous designs exude just the personality are looking for.