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About Mack Dump Truck

Shop the large inventory of other vehicles and trailers as well as dump trucks!

Your construction business took off faster than you expected, and while you are pleased with your success, you are also overwhelmed by the volume of jobs your crew must complete. Having extra equipment in your fleet, such as a Mack dump truck, helps soften the blow and maintain efficiency within your organization. Dump trucks serve numerous purposes in construction and other industries, from hauling off construction debris to transporting landscaping materials. A standard Mack dump truck suffices for most of these activities, but you might need a transfer truck, dump trailer, or haul truck, depending on the types of clients you serve. Look for a used Mack dump truck if you want to lessen the financial commitment of adding to your fleet, but make sure you know as much as possible about the candidates you consider, including the number of miles on the vehicle and its history of usage. The dump body is typically measured in yards, so peruse the vast inventory of trucks available on eBay to find one that provides sufficient room for the materials or waste you plan to haul.