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About Mack

The term “Mack truck” is practically synonymous with "18-wheeler." This industry giant has been rolling down American highways since 1900, and whether your dad was a truck driver, or whether you simply love the sight of the hulking giants on the horizon, you'll find Mack memorabilia by the truckload on eBay, including a Mack patch. You can celebrate your love of big rigs with a patch, or you can collect tiny trucks for your office display or for your kids to enjoy. Mack trucks are also a part of pop culture, as they were scary villains in the film "Maximum Overdrive" and doubled as Optimus Prime in the early Transformers comics. The company’s adorable mascot, a bulldog, has been riding with every truck driver since 1932, and since it’s long been seen as the symbol for the company, much of its memorabilia is embellished with this cute canine. Though most Mack trucks don't transform into robots, they are still awe-inspiring pieces of machinery, so even if you don't drive a big rig, you can tip your hat to those that live on the road by collecting fun and enjoyable trucking memorabilia.