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About MacGregor Irons

While you were a boy, you dreamt of playing golf with MacGregor clubs as they dominated Masters and Opens. You still remember practicing your swings with your father's small collection of MacGregor irons. Unfortunately, those classic American golf icons are getting harder to find, which is why you collect vintage MacGregor irons wherever you can find them. However, there are some equally excellent and recent MacGregor clubs, especially the VIP irons. These MacGregor V-Foil irons have their centers of gravity moved back. By putting most of the iron's weight behind the point on the club's face where a golf ball hits, the club provides better control while delivering more power than its competition. Whether you want to own an iconic golf club or find out how V-Foil forged irons perform, you can find a wide selection of MacGregor irons among the large inventory of golf clubs offered by reputable sellers on eBay.