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About MacGregor

Looking for that edge to take your golf game to the next level? Perhaps it is time to invest in some renowned MacGregor golf products. MacGregor is producing quality golf clubs, bags, and accessories since 1897. MacGregor Irons are made of forged steel, black iron, soft carbon steel, or graphite and feature velvet or rubber grips. Though their design may be timeless, their technology is advanced; the 360-degree Clubface Technology maximize ball speed for longer, straighter flight. They are available individually or as a set. Did you know having the right golf shoe is just as important as the right club? Whether you prefer wing tipped or saddle shoes, Oxfords, sneakers or sandals, MacGregor shoes offers a line of golf shoes designed to be stylish yet practical while walking the course. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a large inventory of new and used MacGregor golf product. With convenient shipping options that deliver your MacGregor golf supplies directly to you, you can forgo the store and spend more time working on your swing.