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About MacBook Unibody Case

You were upstairs when you heard your wife scream frantically when she accidently dropped her laptop computer and shattered her entire Macbook unibody case. You?re unsure what to do, but luckily, your friend is a computer pro who suggests that you check out eBay. He informs you that the site?s reliable sellers have a vast selection of both new and used computer parts available, including unibody cases in a variety of colors. You?re relieved when you check it out for yourself and almost immediately find a slightly used Macbook unibody upper case, in addition to a new white keyboard. The keyboard has a backlight display, and the seller notes that he personally tested all of the keys to ensure that they work properly. You also spot a white Macbook unibody lower case and order that as well. Once the packages arrive, you reassemble your wife?s computer based on the instructions your friend gave you, telling her that you?ve also installed a heavy-duty protective case you purchased on eBay as well, just in case it slips through her fingers again.