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About MacBook Pro 17 Case

Whether for work, study, or entertainment, your laptop is a central part of your life that travels almost everywhere you go. A MacBook Pro 17-inch case protects your laptop as you travel through your day, preventing damage that could shorten the life of your computer. Speck covers feature a form-fitting, hard-shell polycarbonate case for your MacBook. Slim and lightweight, these cases fit securely, and remove easily for cleaning. Heat vents ensure air flow to keep your computer cool, while anti-tilt, rubberized feet keep your laptop in place while you work. If you prefer a soft case, you can find a wide variety of neoprene sleeves for carrying your laptop. These sleeves are light and fit your MacBook securely, providing protection from shocks and scratches. Some cases offer zipper access to charge your laptop while it is in its protective sleeve. Many come in bright colors and fun designs to let you express your individuality. You can find weather-resistant and waterproof cases to protect your laptop from rainy days or spilled drinks. If you do not want to carry a bulky bag, look for a laptop sleeve with handles or removable shoulder straps for easy carrying. Browse the vast inventory on eBay to find a MacBook Pro 17-inch case with the features that appeal to you most.