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About MacBook 2010

The MacBook 2010 features Apple's signature style and functionality and, with a battery that lasts for up to seven hours, you have plenty of time to work or play before you need to plug it back in. Access games at the Apple store to pass the time when waiting for an appointment, or watch movies online—the options are endless. The MacBook Air 2010 has a slim design with a powerful processor. Its 13.3-inch display offers crisp resolution, and you can use the webcam to make conference calls for work or to keep in touch with family members far away. Multiple ports allow users to attach USB drives and other accessories to the device. You may want to consider purchasing an additional 2010 MacBook charger to keep at your desk or in your car so you never run out of power. Buy a new or used MacBook 2010 from reliable sellers on eBay. Convenient shipping options and large inventory make shopping easy, so your new laptop and accessories will be ready to go when you are.