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The history of Mac Tools goes all the way back to 1938, when the Mechanics Tool and Forge Company was founded in Sabina, Ohio. Within a few years everyone started calling the company "Mac Tools," and its reputation was established as one of the best toolmaking enterprises on the market. The name was changed officially in 1961. Mac Tools was bought by the Stanley Works in 1980, and the company began franchising in 1990. Today Mac Tools makes over 42,000 items, many of which are available in the vast inventory listed on eBay.

About Mac Tools

Mechanics know and trust Mac tools for everything from changing oil to rebuilding an entire engine. A heavy-duty Mac toolset comes with basic automotive pieces such as wrenches and ratchets able to accomplish most mechanical jobs without breaking. Because mechanics typically have hundreds of tools, they keep their products organized and safely stored in a Mac toolbox at the automotive shop. Vendors on eBay sell many varieties of Mac tools in new and used condition.