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About Mac Ratchet

A burly hand flies out from under the giant mud truck and you slap that Mac ratchet into the palm without a single word. The Mac Tools 1/4-inch ratchet that you bought from a trusted seller on eBay is designed to last for a lifetime, just like the truck that you and your father are building together. With professional-grade construction from quality steel and plastic, this ratchet has exactly what it takes to hold up to years of tough use, but the brand's entire lineup is suitable for all your auto projects. Fine-tooth mechanisms and flexible or indexable heads make the Mac Tools 3/8-inch ratchet perfect for reaching those tight spaces between the starter and the engine block. A five-degree ratchet handle swing keeps the pressure off of your elbows and wrists when you are out there turning bolts, and 10-inch handle lengths make it simple to choose the right ratchet for any job. A Mac ratchet offers extension bars and adapters designed for almost any application, and comes in the sizes that you need to work on both foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and heavy equipment.