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About M1 Helmets

As the US M1 helmet had been in service from the early '40s to the early '80s, it has a lot of history to tell. Collectors can find this helmet simply fascinating as it offers a bit of mystery to solve. With such a helmet being used in so many wars, you can learn how to spot if it is a wartime or a post-war helmet, and if it has been used in WW2, the Korean War, or Early Vietnam War. One clue that bares the secret of this helmet is the part that holds the chin strap. A true M1 WW2 helmet has fixed bails, and if you find the real WW2 helmet, you have with you a memorabilia of one of the most grueling, but most important, times in the history of mankind. The helmets used in WW2 are very durable, so they did not retire easily and continued to be in service in other wars. Many of these helmets have survived the Korean War and the Vietnam War. An M1 Vietnam helmet is the old WW2 helmet that was repainted and fitted with new straps and a new liner. Be an expert in collecting war memorabilia and start with the interesting vintage M1 helmet that you can find on eBay. Train yourself to get the real deal.