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About M-Audio Fast Track Pro

Finding the sweet spot between reliability, flexibility, and mobility can be tricky when it comes to audio interfaces, but you know you have made the right choice, and can start making music without any interruptions. The M-Audio Fast Track Pro delivers everything the name suggests. Featuring one or two XLR and jack sockets on the front, depending on the model, you can get vocals or instruments recorded as audio tracks in no time. The M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB makes it so you do not have to worry about messing around with compatibility as you can simply plug in and go. The M-Audio Fast Track Pro Digital Recording Interface is also very light and compact, which means if you are recording or performing on a laptop, getting your gear around is easy and hassle free. Headphone outputs, as well as phantom power for the XLR inputs, add the final layer of professionalism to the package. You can easily add one of these useful devices to your recording set up by browsing the large inventory on eBay, where you can find a great selection of M-Audio products, as well as additional home recording gear.

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