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About LunaTik

For as long as you can remember, you have been a risk taker, and in fact, your friends and family have referred to you as a lunatic on more than one occasion. Thus, you couldn’t help but laugh when your wife told you that you should go on eBay and purchase a LUNATIK case for your iPhone. You are aware that you are rough on your cell phones, and no matter how many times your wife scolds you about it, you’ve had to replace your phone due to damage several times already. Of course, it isn’t all your fault, because you work in construction and accidents do happen, right? However, this excuse has only gotten you so far with your wife, because she informs you that her LUNATIK iPhone 4 case is virtually indestructible, and then proceeds to demonstrate when she drops her phone on the concrete floor. You look at the phone and the case and see that neither suffered a single scratch, so you smile at her and ask her if she would order you a red LUNATIK case, since the color fits your daring personality so well.

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