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About Lumbers

Standing in front of a neat stack of lumber its hard not to think of all the things it can be used for. A Treehouse, pirate ship, or even a rocking horse. But for most it is the practical rather than the improbable that brings the stack of wood home. A backyard deck with patio cover, a new storage shed to tuck the gardening tools away, or an arbor for shade. Maybe you would like to build a cover for the trash bins or hide the air conditioning unit. Whether that stack represents imagination or practicality, you can find lumber available on eBay. Found in standard sizes for both the building trade and home use, it can also be cut to order or custom sized. Representing both hardwood and softer pines, lumber can be found in fine crafting or roughing a wall installation. Once you have your nice stack of fresh smelling wood, you can tackle whatever job suits your fancy, but save a little for that Treehouse.