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About Lululemon Wunder Under

Sweat dripping off your nose, you flow effortlessly through your chaturanga to upward facing dog in your Lululemon Wunder Under pants. Practically a second skin, they soak up the sweat while remaining breathable during yoga practice. Search for items from vast inventories of trusted sellers on eBay, with convenient shipping options. Keep in step with the fashionable military trend with Wunder Under camo crop pants. The snug fit and extra wide waistband offer the ultimate in comfort, and a hidden pocket is a great place to stash a key or a credit card when you are on the run. For a versatile look, try Lululemon reversible Wunder Under pants in the bruised berry and black combination and change up your look depending on your mood. Pair with a mid-layer Forme jacket with convenient thumb holes to keep your sleeves in place and go to and from your workout in style. Your Lululemon Wunder Under pants have you covered whether you are hitting the track, sweating out all those toxins at yoga, or doing the grocery shopping.

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