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Jetsetters and infrequent travelers alike, all need quality luggage. Lucky for them, eBay has a wide selection of luggage sets and individual suitcases from top brands like Samsonite, Victorinox and Delsey. Get great luggage shopping tips by watching this video.

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About Luggage

Traveling means exhilarating experiences, delicious cuisine, much-needed relaxation, and not having to make your own bed. One of the few downsides of traveling is packing and transporting luggage. The key to a successful trip is to make sure your luggage makes sense based on your destination. If you're going on a cruise, porters take your baggage to your room and it stays there for the duration of your vacation, so you can afford to bring a large, heavy bag. If you're traversing Europe for the summer, on the other hand, invest in a backpack you can easily strap to your shoulders, and you'll be thankful when walking along cobblestone streets and squeezing your way through trains. Business travelers may want to exchange the Hello Kitty duffle that they use for family outings in favor of a professional, briefcase-style carry-on with a separate compartment for a laptop or a heavy-duty garment bag for quick trips. If your travels consist mostly of personal vacations, then you may want colorful luggage that reflects your personality and sense of fun—not to mention stands out on the baggage claim carousel. Bold prints and graphic designs get noticed. With ever-tightening airport restrictions, frequent fliers should look into airline-friendly luggage. Bags that are specially made to comply with airline carry-on guidelines can prevent you from having to pay overweight fees or having your too-large carry-on unexpectedly checked at the gate. If you're simply searching for a basic suitcase, look for features like retractable handles, two-wheeled gliders, four-wheeled spinners, lightweight fabrics, and quality zippers and stitching.