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About Lug Wrenches

If you have ever struggled trying to get a flat tire off your car on the side of a busy street in the pouring rain, you understand the importance of always keeping lug wrenches in your trunk. These helpful tools loosen and remove lug nuts from your vehicle's wheels. Available in L-shaped and X-shaped forms, the wrenches are made of heavy metal and can also be used to tighten lug nuts once you swap out your flat. It is important to keep your lug nuts tightened just the right amount. If lug nuts are too tight, they can stress the lug bolt and weaken it. If they are too loose, they can come off or unbalance the tire. Torque lug wrenches offer more precision when tightening and loosening lug nuts, allowing you to better hit that sweet and balanced spot. For larger jobs you likely need truck lug wrenches, which are heavier duty than those for standard cars and can also be used on buses and tractors. You can find a large selection of new and used lug wrenches available from reliable sellers on eBay and avoid stressing out the next time you find yourself faced with a flat.