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About Lug Nut Covers

You probably do not think much about lug nuts, that is, until you have to change a tire and find that the lug nuts are rusted onto the wheel. One solution is to use lug nut covers. These are little caps that fit over the top of your lug nuts. Usually made from plastic, rubber, or chrome, these little pieces keep rain, snow, road salt, and anything else away from your lug nuts, so they are less likely to corrode. In the past, lug nut covers were quite plain, but decorative covers are now available that are attractive as well as useful. If you are particularly committed to your vehicle brand, you may want to look into branded covers. GM lug nut covers, for example, often feature the GM logo, name, or even possibly the name of your particular vehicle model. If you are a big Ford fan, then you most assuredly want a set of Ford lug nut covers. You can even find them in fashion colors to match your car's paint job. Within the vast inventory on eBay, there are lug nut covers for every car and every occasion. You can even change them out depending on your mood, if you are so inclined.