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About Luftwaffe

Despite their previous air force being dissolved by the Treaty of Versailles, the Germans entered World War II with one of the most powerful, tactically sound, and battle-hardened combat aviation units in human history: the Luftwaffe. Under the stalwart command of Hermann G'ring, the concept of the Luftwaffe pilot was to embody a sense of cold calculation and ruthless precision. Though casually misremembered as reckless terror bombers, the Luftwaffe, in fact, provided tactical support in a very conventional manner. They destroyed enemy armament production sites, prevented the enemy's advance into contested territory by destroying vehicles, disrupted transportation routes, and dismantled infrastructure. At the same time, they protected their own naval bases and land fortifications. While without a doubt the Luftwaffe colors flew on the wrong side of history, their relics remain popular collectibles. Contact one of the trusted sellers on eBay to find out what piece might best complement your collection of historical memorabilia.