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About Lucky Scooter

If you hit a rail slide or tackle a gap jump, you want a scooter that is easy to maneuver and solid enough to give you the confidence to nail the landing. You get all of this and more with a Lucky scooter. There are two main types of scooter made by Lucky: custom models, and the Lucky Complete scooter range. The Complete range is the most popular, with brands including Crew, Strata, and Clover. Lucky scooter decks range in size from 19.5 inches for smaller or younger riders, up to 20.5 inches for older riders. They are lightweight, typically coming in at under 8 pounds, even for the top of the line models. They are fitted with a flex brake that uses an 18 gauge steel spring, as well as top quality clamps, forks, and bars. The bars range in size from 21 inches for smaller riders up to 23 inches for high-end Lucky Pro scooter models. Finally, the wheels vary depending on the model you choose, starting with five-bearing options. There is a vast inventory of all the models available on eBay.